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Shower Repair and Replacement Services in Southeastern Wisconsin

Repair or Replace Your Shower with the Help of Hartlaub

A faulty shower can interrupt your busy schedule, especially if you can’t find the source of the problem. What seems like a quick fix can turn into a week long project that requires tools and time you don't have. To get your day back on track, contact the professional plumbers at Hartlaub. They're equipped to fix your shower problems efficiently and at a reasonable cost. 

Our southeast Wisconsin plumbers are available 24/7 and offer a variety of services from unclogging drains to remodeling bathrooms. With Hartlaub experts, you can expect high quality shower repair and maintenance for your home.

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5 Shower Issues You Shouldn’t Face Without a ProfessionalShower Repair in Milwaukee

  • No Water Pressure - Multiple issues can cause low water pressure in your shower. A professional plumber has time to solve the puzzle.
  • No Draining - If your tub has enough water for a bath after you shower, you definitely have a draining problem. Unseen clogs from soap residue, hair, and other substances can make clearing the pipe difficult. A professional plumber has the tools to remove the clog no matter how deep it is.
  • No Usage - If a shower or sink rarely runs, the next user risks finding a nasty surprise: disease-causing bacteria. Cleaning an unused shower yourself can endanger your health. You’ll need a professional plumber to do the dirty work.
  • No Hot Water - The hot water heater might be at fault, but if you know it’s running smoothly and your sink gets hot water, then the real culprit is the shower mixer valve. Repairing or replacing it usually means breaking through the wall, so leave it to a professional plumber.
  • No Water At All - There are many causes for not getting any water, but one professional plumber can find the heart of the problem.

With the help of an excellent plumber from Hartlaub, you can get the shower you deserve without the pressure of repairing it yourself. 

Call or email shower repair professionals at Hartlaub today to get an estimate.
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