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Zone Control Systems

Zone Control System Installation, Replacement & Maintenance in Southeast Wisconsin

Save money with a zone control system from Hartlaub in Southeast Wisconsin

Find the next level in comfort and control in your home’s heating and cooling system. Zone control systems allow you to designate certain spaces with different temperatures, creating the perfect temperature and humidity control for all your spaces and taking into account the natural differences between upper and lower levels.

Hartlaub’s staff of professional HVAC technicians will maintain or repair any building with zone control systems installed in southeast Wisconsin. If you are interested in learning more about how a zone control system could change your space for the better, or just need to repair a currently installed system, Hartlaub is here to help! Give us a call today to get an estimate for our services.


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Top 3 Reasons to Get a Zone Control System

A zone control system installed by the experts at Hartlaub will give you unprecedented command over the environment of your home or office. Zone control systems have three massive advantages over traditional air conditioning systems.

  • Comfort on every floor. Everyone knows that heat rises, and a zone control system takes this into account when regulating temperatures in your home’s upper and lower levels. Zone control systems make sure that at the end of a long summer day your upper levels aren’t sweltering while the lower levels are frozen. Larger systems can even control the temperature in individual rooms, allowing families to no longer fight over the thermostat.
  • Save on energy bills. The dampeners that are installed in a zone control system limit the amount of air a room receives. When a temperature is reached in a zone, the dampeners make sure the room receives just enough air to maintain the chosen environment, making a much more efficient system. You can even save up to 30% on your energy bill every month!
  • High quality parts work well together. The precision controls make sure that air gets to where it needs to be. The zone control panel manages the zone dampener based off information from the thermostat making your space the perfect temperature no matter the time of day. Most new zone control systems use digital displays to ensure that you know exactly what temperature it is in each room or floor.

If you’re interested in having a zone control system installed in your home or commercial building, call the HVAC professionals at Hartlaub. Never worry about whether the system will work on the worst days of the year, as we also offer expert repair and maintenance on zone control systems for every season.

Whether its maintenance, replacement or installation contact the zone control system experts at Hartlaub
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