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Radiant Heating System Installation & Repair

What is a radiant heating system? 

Radiant heating systems make a great heating system alternative to traditional furnaces and boilers. A radiant system can warm your home’s panels, floors or ceilings directly, bypassing the use of ducts and radiators. The system uses networks of pipes or electric cables installed in your home’s ceiling, floors or walls. It doesn’t rely on air, so you can enjoy consistent heat without worrying about allergies or dry skin. Other benefits of radiant heating include:

  • More space: With no ducts or radiators taking up space, you have more room for those interior design plans.
  • Energy efficiency: Heat stays in the ground and other solid objects longer than it does in the air, so your house won’t lose warmth. Say goodbye to high heating bills.
  • Minimal maintenance:  Even though all home systems require maintenance at some point, radiant systems require less maintenance than other heating systems thanks to their simplicity.

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Which radiant system is best for your Wisconsin home?

Radiant heating system installation in Wisconsin

If you’re thinking of installing a radiant heating system, there are plenty of choices to make. A radiant system can heat your home through the walls, floor or ceiling. Hartlaub’s heating experts can help you decide which system works best for your home.

Hydronic: This type of radiant system relies on a boiler to pump hot water through a network of tubing. They’re ideal for whole-house heating and the operating cost is lower than an electric system. However, they use more energy to start up, and installation costs are higher.

Electric: This type of radiant system uses electric cables. The cables are easy to install and energy efficient. The cost of operation is higher than a hydronic system, so it’s not as cost-effective for whole-house heating. However, this option is worth the investment for houses with thick concrete floors. A floor with a large enough thermal mass can retain heat for up to ten hours after electrical input. 


Heat panels, floors & more with a radiant system

Radiant Floors

If you like to walk barefoot around the house or you have a furry, four-legged friend, a radiant floor system might be right for your home. Stone, concrete and ceramic tiles offer the best results for underfloor heating, though other materials such as carpet can be used. Radiant floor systems are the most popular option for locations like Wisconsin.


Radiant Wall Panels

Radiant heating panels are generally made out of aluminum and heated by electricity. They have the fastest response time and let you enjoy even heating without sacrificing the height of a room. Hanging wall décor may become an issue if not properly planned. Still, being surrounded by warmth might be worth the adjustment.


Radiant Ceilings

Since radiant systems don’t rely on hot air, you don’t have to worry about heat floating out of reach. Radiant ceilings take advantage of your spacious ceiling, aren’t blocked by furniture, and heat up quickly. The heat distributes well, bouncing off of the floor to warm up spaces under tables and desks. Installing a radiant heating system in your ceiling costs less than a floor installation. 


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All of Our Heating System Services

We service, install, replace and retrofit all the most common heating systems in Wisconsin including: 

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When it comes to heating system installation and repair, Hartlaub’s HVAC technicians rise above the rest. We will make sure your radiant heating system is installed, repaired and maintained properly so you can enjoy many years of consistent warmth.

Our technicians go above and beyond the demands of the project. We introduce ourselves beforehand with a custom technician profile over text. We also let you know when we’re on our way so you aren’t caught off guard. Need hot chocolate or some coffee while you wait? We can provide that too while we work on your radiant system. At Hartlaub, we do more.

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