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Radiant System Installation & Replacement

Efficient and Reliable Radiant Systems from the Experts at Hartlaub

Furnaces and boilers are some of the most common types of heating systems in Wisconsin homes, but one commonly overlooked heating system which may be the best option for you is a radiant system. Radiant systems are panels or pipes installed in homes which supply heat directly through the floor, the wall, or the ceiling of your house. For those homeowners looking to avoid forced air heating and the potential problems it can create, a brand new radiant system installed in your home is an option worth considering.

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What Radiant System is Best for Your Home?

Radiant System Installation WaukeshaOne of the major benefits of using radiant systems is that they don’t depend on air ducts and forced air distribution to heat your home like furnaces—those types of heating systems can exacerbate allergies and give you dry, irritated skin. Instead, radiant systems heat your home directly through the walls, floors, and ceilings, allowing you and your family to feel comfortable all winter long.

Some of the most common radiant systems in homes include: 

  • Radiant Panels – Usually made out of aluminum material, radiant panels are placed within walls and ceilings, and are heated by either electricity or hot water tubes. Radiant heating panels have quick response time when activated, and can have higher cost and energy savings compared to other types of heating systems
  • Electric Radiant Floors – These typically consist of electric cables or conductive mats built in the floors or on the subfloor of your house, and need to have a certain amount of insulation in order to remain energy efficient.
  • Hydronic Radiant Floors – These are the most popular and cost-effective radiant systems used by homeowners. Hydronic radiant floor systems pump hot water through tubing laid under the floor and are controlled by zoning valves or pumps.

No matter what type of radiant system you want in your home, they will always need to be installed by a team of HVAC professionals. The heating and cooling experts at Hartlaub are here to help! We’ll make sure that you understand all you need to know about radiant heating systems and, if you decide that it’s right for you, give you the quality services you need to heat your home effectively and at an affordable price.

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