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Heat Recovery Ventilator Installation & Repairs

Heat Recovery Ventilator

HRV's consist of two ventilation ducts running next to each other passing between the inside and outside of a house. One duct carries the stale, moist air out while other duct carries the fresh air in. The airstreams run through a heat exchanger that enables the outgoing air to pass its heat to the incoming air without them actually mixing together. This enables your home to continuously have fresh air in the house while keeping the house sealed and heated on a cold day. 

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HRV InstallationMilwaukee HRV Installation & Repair Services

Hartlaub’s experienced technicians can professionally install any make or model HRV in your home. A properly installed HRV will keep the warm air in your home from being stuffy or going stale. Trust Hartlaub to keep your home comfortable through the harsh Wisconsin winter.

HRV Repair

Have you recently noticed the warm air in your home is stuffy and stale? If you have a heat recovery ventilator, it might be experiencing issues. Don’t spend another day in discomfort, call Hartlaub to get that fresh air flowing back into your home. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem fix it right the first time.

You won’t find another company who cares more for about the customer experience than Hartlaub. Our friendly technicians go above and beyond to make sure each project they take on goes off without a hitch.

If you’ve decided it’s time to install a HRV in your home, or need your current HRV repaired, contact Hartlaub today.
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