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Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation & Repair

Outstanding ERV Services from Hartlaub’s Professional Technicians

If your air is always stale, consider installing an energy recovery ventilator system. Hartlaub’s professional HVAC technicians can properly install an ERV system. Our technicians go above and beyond to give you the best HVAC service experience in Wisconsin. We introduce ourselves ahead of time with a technician profile via text. We’ll let you know when we’re on our way and when we’re leaving so you aren’t surprised. Need coffee or water? We can pick that up too. No matter what HVAC service you need, we do more.


What is an ERV?Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation & Repair in Milwaukee, WI

Energy recovery ventilators (ERV) work like heat recovery ventilators by preheating fresh air with one duct and using the other duct to carry out stale air. The main difference is that ERV systems also transfer humidity. If the air in your house or business constantly feels dry in winter, an ERV might be right for you. There are several types of ERV systems to choose from:

Rotary heat exchanger

Also known as a thermal wheel, rotary heat exchangers can save up to 85% of energy. The wheel is made of aluminum foil for high thermal conductivity and rotates between two air currents, bringing in fresh air and carrying out stale air. This system is highly cost-effective.

Plate heat exchanger

Also known as a fixed plate heat exchanger, this type of unit connects large heated plates together to transfer heat between two fluids. This type of ERV is easy to clean and plates can be added or removed for optimal output.  

Heat-pipe heat exchanger

This type of ERV vaporizes and condenses fluid to transfer heat. The heat pipes pre-cool and reheat air, making the heating, cooling, and dehumidification process much more efficient. The pipes are completely silent, durable and don’t need external energy.


The benefits of an ERV system

  • Consistent temperatures: ERV fans are able to run for all 24 hours of the day on less power than a typical HVAC fan.
  • Lower bills: An energy-efficient ERV system is a system that will save you money. Since it doesn’t need to work as hard to heat and cool your house, an ERV can help you reduce your utility bills.
  • Better indoor air quality: An ERV pretreats and balances the humidity levels in your home, preventing the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses and other airborne hazards.
  • More comfort: Balanced humidity means that your home will feel like the temperature you set the system at.



ERV and HRV systems have similar functions, which can make choosing between the two challenging. The main difference between the two is that ERVs transfer moisture. There are a few ways to decide which system is better for your home:

  • Your location: HRVs are best suited for humid winters and dry summers. ERVs can help with dry winters and humid summers
  • Health needs: An ERV can keep your home more comfortable than an HRV if you or others experience respiratory issues.
  • Number of residents: The more people there are, the more heat and humidity is produced.

Our HVAC specialists can help you decide on which recovery ventilator system is best for you and install it in your home.

Contact Hartlaub today for ERV installation and repair in Wisconsin.


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