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Ducted Air Conditioners

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Ducted air conditioning can cool your entire home at the touch of a button. It operates by refrigerating the air with a central unit and then distributing the cooled air through a series of ducts leading into the rooms of your home. Ducted air conditioners offer the assurance that your entire home will stay at the temperature of your choice all day and night.

Used in most American homes and businesses, ducted air conditioning can be the most effective form of cooling down a building. When installed and maintained correctly by Hartlaub’s team of HVAC professionals, ducted air conditioners can offer consistent and cost efficient temperature control for years to come.


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Benefits of a Ducted Air Conditioning System

Cool the Entire Home

Ducted air conditioning gives you the ability to consistently keep every room in your home at your perfect temperature. While the central unit is kept out of sight, you are able to go from room to room without having to worry about closing the door behind you to keep certain areas isolated to control the temperature.

Cost Efficient

While the initial installation of a ducted air conditioner is more costly than a ductless air conditioner, you can save money in the long run. If you’re worried about losing money cooling rooms you’re not actively using, you can opt to install a zoned ducted air conditioner. A correctly zoned ducted system can allow you to cool the living areas during the day and the bedrooms during the night, offering immense savings over time.


You can set the perfect temperature for your home using your phone, or pre-program usage for specific times and let the unit do all the work for you. While installing a ducted air conditioner, you may also have the option of using it as an efficient heater during the colder winter months. Reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners give you the ability to heat your home or business without the extra costs of installing a separate heating system.

Hidden Units

Ducted air conditioning systems are nearly invisible when compared to a split system or ductless air conditioner, giving you more room to style your home or business the way you want to. Hartlaub’s team of HVAC professionals are capable of providing ducted air conditioning systems to fit the style and feel you want. 

Property Value Increase 

If you plan to eventually put your home or commercial building on the market, buyers will often opt for a property with a properly installed and efficient ducted air conditioning system the HVAC professionals at Hartlaub can provide for you.


Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Your Ducted Air Conditioner

Maintenance for a ducted air conditioner is key to retaining its efficiency. If Hartlaub’s trusted HVAC professionals perform important maintenance checks once a year, your ducted air conditioner will be running at its highest potential for years to come.


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