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Air Duct Cleaning Services in Southeastern Wisconsin

Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality with Clean Ducts

Most buildings, including your Milwaukee home, rely on ducts to transport hot or cold air to different rooms. It’s an effective and cost-efficient method, but even ducted air conditioning and central heating systems have pitfalls. The average home collects about 40 lbs. of dust each year. Dirt, dust, pollen, and other pollutants can collect in your home’s ducts and come flying out into the air, ready to enter the nearest person’s lungs. If you have allergies or asthma, you need a home that’s safe to breathe in, not an irritant factory. 


Your Ducts Might Need Cleaning When…Duct Cleaning for Indoor Air Quality in Milwaukee, WI

  • You have aggravated allergy symptoms
  • Your ducted heating and cooling system is inefficient
  • You notice offensive odors
  • You are concerned about mold growth in your ducts

If your indoor air quality is not the best, you can always rely on Hartlaub’s professional air duct cleaners. Our trained HVAC experts have specialized equipment for the job and can clean places a DIY attempt can’t reach. With our 24/7 emergency services, you don’t need to wait another minute breathing in unhealthy air.

Get $100 off your duct cleaning when you schedule an appointment before November 1, 2019. Use the promo code DUCT19 to save more money.


Hartlaub Does More than Duct Cleaning

Improving your home’s indoor air quality is just one of our main goals. Our other main goal is treating you like a person, not just another customer. That’s why our HVAC technicians introduce themselves ahead of time with a personal profile. We’ll let you know exactly who will be working on your house and when. We offer flat rate pricing after a consultation so you know exactly what you’re paying—no hidden fees here! No matter what you need (even morning coffee), at Hartlaub, we do more.


Contact Hartlaub’s HVAC technicians for a thorough duct cleaning and improved indoor air quality.


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