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Circuit Breaker Installation, Repair & Maintenance

You Might Need a New Circuit Breaker If…

Circuit breakers are meant to last for many years, but if you live in a home where the electrical panel hasn’t been serviced in ten years or more, there’s a good chance you need to replace your breaker box. Here are a few warning signs to indicate you may need a new circuit breaker:Installing a New Circuit Breaker

  • Your lights keep flickering: One flickering light in your home may just indicate you need a new bulb, but if all your lights keep flickering no matter what you do, the issue might be with your electrical wiring and breaker box.
  • Appliances don’t work properly: You may need a new breaker box if your electrical stovetop never reaches the proper temperature, if your dryer shuts off mid-cycle, or if your refrigerator has inconsistent performance.
  • You notice scorch marks: When your home is having electrical issues, you may notice scorch marks around the breaker, an outlet, or appliances with melted wires.
  • There’s a burning smell: In addition to scorch marks, a burning odor coming from the panel that means the wires and insulation have become overheated. If you notice a burning smell, shut off your power immediately and call the electricians at Hartlaub immediately.
  • The breaker trips frequently: If you reset your breaker, it should stay reset. If you have to do it every few weeks or every couple months, there could very well be a problem.




Quality Circuit Breaker Installation

As professional electricians in the greater Milwaukee area and beyond, we provides comprehensive circuit breaker services, from the repair or replacement of old equipment to the installation of a brand new system. We make sure your home has exactly what it needs to power all of your appliances and electronic equipment without overloading the system.


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Customer Service That Does More

A lot of questions go into installing or repairing a circuit breaker. Hartlaub helps you get the information you need without the hassle. We’ll text you a technician profile so you know exactly who’s coming to your door before they arrive. With live text racking, you’ll also know exactly when your technician is about to arrive. We back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no hidden fees or surprises. At Hartlaub, we do more.

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