Protect Your Pipes This Winter

The harsh cold of the winter season presents a number of challenges to homeowners in our area. Keeping your walkways free of ice, keeping your home warm and comfortable, etc. One challenge that you cannot afford to overlook is keeping your pipes protected from the damage that freezing temperatures can inflict. With everything you’ve got on your plate, you really don’t want to learn the hard way that sub-freezing temperatures can mean burst pipes in Milwaukee, WI! Here are a few tips to help you protect your pipes.

Insulate the Pipes

You are surely familiar with insulation and the important role that it plays in helping you to heat and cool your home effectively and efficiently throughout the year. What you might overlook, though, is how important it is to insulate your pipes. This is especially true of those pipes that pass through unheated areas in your basement, garage, etc. You can easily insulate your pipes with sleeves that are available for purchase at just about any home improvement store. They can simply be cut to size and slip right over the pipe in question.

Disconnect Hoses

If you use a hose during the summer season, be sure to disconnect it before the freezing weather arrives. If you have a separate shut-off valve for the outdoor bibs in your plumbing system, go ahead and shut them off at the source and open them up outside to ensure that they are effectively drained. Once they are, shut them off again. You may also want to pick up an insulated cap for your bibs.

Maintain Airflow

Leaving your cabinets or drawers open may look a bit odd, but this is one of the simplest and most overlooked ways in which to protect pipes throughout the winter season. It helps to keep warm air moving around your pipes, and that helps to prevent water within them from freezing.

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