An ERV Can Benefit You This Winter

In Wisconsin, the winter season is pretty extreme. It is safe to say that, under no circumstances, are you going to be cracking your windows to let fresh air in for most of the heating season. Sealing your home up tightly can help you to heat your living space in an efficient manner. However, it can also make it difficult to maintain great indoor air quality in your home. With an ERV in Milwaukee, WI, you can both heat your home efficiently while enjoying high indoor air quality.

Recover the Energy That You’ve Paid For

You are not going to be able to heat your home for free. But letting fresh air into your home while venting old, stale air out does not mean that you have to waste the energy that you’ve used to heat that air. Instead, you can use an ERV (energy recovery ventilator) in order to vent stale air out, while also recovering the thermal energy in that air and using it to pre-heat the fresh, but cold, air coming into your home. Essentially, the ERV acts as a heat exchanger and ventilation fan in one.

There are a few benefits to using an energy recovery ventilator. Sealing up your house and going about your daily life can seriously affect your indoor air quality in a negative manner. This can leave you more vulnerable to illness in the already trying winter months. It also helps you to keep your heating costs low, even as you enjoy greater indoor air quality, because you are not bringing cold air directly into the house as you would with an open door or a window fan.

The ERV can help you to enjoy great indoor air quality and efficiency in the summer season as well. It simply does the opposite job, drawing heat out of the incoming air as it vents cold, but likely very dry and stale, air out of your home. Contact us today if you are interested in reaping the benefits of an energy recovery ventilator in your home.

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