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SOUTHeast wisconsin water treatment services

get high quality water treatment service from the experts at hartlaub plumbing

Are you tired of getting only hard water from your faucets, and are you only able to drink store-bought water from plastic bottles? Don't put up with that hassle - you simply need a team of experts to check out your water treatment system. Finding the right water treatment system for your Milwaukee home or commercial office is a critical step on the path to obtaining clean tap water for you and your family. At Hartlaub, we offer a wide range of water treatment systems for all homes throughout southeast Wisconsin.

Whether you opt for a water softener to remove the hardness from your water, or you would like a comprehensive reverse osmosis system to take care of any pollutants, our water treatment specialists are here to help you.


We offer a wide array of water treatment services for homes in southeast wisconsin, including:

  • Water Purification testing
  • Water Softener Installation, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Water Testing
  • Reverse Osmosis System Installation, Repair and Maintenance

If hard water is becoming a problem for your home, or you are concerned about high levels of iron in your tap water, Hartlaub can provide you with testing, system installation, and everything else you will need for keeping your home’s water clean and purified all year long. Call Hartlaub Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric today to learn more about our water treatment services.

Call or email the New Berlin water treatment specialists at Hartlaub today to get a quote on our professional services.

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